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Unique Themez was officially born in 2017 out of a passion for helping people through UNIQUE creativity. However the concept was here long before then. it started at home with friends that shared a passion to create unique pieces, installs and spaces. Starting with their weddings and events for family and friends, they knew that there was more work to be done. Thus creating Unique Themez. It is the mission of Unique Themez to make EVERY event the most amazing and unique for all of our customers! Our goal is to make important events in your life memorable and enjoyable as possible. All events don’t have to be fancy or expensive, but special moments should be unique a memorable for years to come! rebranded in 2020 we are fully committed to capturing important moments in your life. We can host your event at our facility or we will travel to decorate your event.

We hope to plan your next event, complete an install or create an awesome space for you! We don't just do events, we create experiences!!


The Unique Team

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Professional Initial Letter Typography Logo (2).png
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